On this page you can choose and order a Scottish short or long hair kitten, fold or straight. All our kittens have a LOOF (French pedigree cat registration system, based on international regulations and standards). Their parents are tested against genetic diseases. A kitten can leave the cattery only at the age of 12 weeks. The kitten will be clean, exposed to the use of litterbox and scraper, vaccinated and treated against parasites.

Here is the list of documents you will receive when buying a kitten in our cattery..

How to order a kitten in our cattery in France? Simply by paying a part-deposit on the price of the kitten. Showroom kittens cost more than pet-class kittens.

The status of our Scottish short or long hair kittens can be read as follows:

  • Available: you can be interested in the kitten
  • Reserved: a deposit has been paid for the kitten
  • Sold: the kitten has by now gone to his new home.

As Scottish kittens grow, we often take pictures and videos of them. If you would like to see more pics of our babies, just ask!

The delivery of a Scottish kitten in France or any other country in the world is paid separately. Either you can make on your own delivery arrangements for your kitten, or we can help you in this process! The rules for importing a breed cat are different in each country, we would request you to be fully aware of them on your side.

We do hope that our Scottish shorthair and longhair fold and straight  kittens will contribute truly enjoyable moments of pleasure at home for you and your family!

Kittens 31/05/2022

 7 kittens  –  3males  +   4 females born 31/05/2022

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Sir - CH Catlines Straight to the Heart
Dan– Catlines Ricciola 


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Catlines Purr Tiki

Scottish fold  longhair SFL fs 21 02


Color- - black tortie smoke&white arlequin 


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Catlines Purr Tuna

Scottish fold longhair  n 22 03


Color - Brown  blotched tabby & white  bicolore 


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Catlines Purr Tori

Scottish  straight longhair  ns 21 02


Color- Black smoke and white arlequin 

Available  - 1300 €

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C7512052 5482 43D4 BCF9 4CBA48465801Catlines Purr TOP’i

Scottish fold longhair  ns 22 03


Color  - black silver blotched tabby & white bicolore 

Available - 1500 €

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Catlines Purr Tchin Tchin 

Scottish fold longhair  ns 22 03


Color- black silver blotched tabby&white bicolore 


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Catlines Purr Tim

Scottish straight longhair SSL ns 22 03


Color - black silver blotched tabby & white bicolore 


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All our kittens are vaccinated against rabies and other viruses, parasites- free and have a veterinary certificate.

Participation to Cats Show

Our cattery takes part in cats show and our cats receive high titles.

Toys and games for kittens

Our kittens grow up among people, we play a lot with kittens so that they grew grow up as sociable cats with an excellent temper.

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