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My name is Lyudmila Myasnikova-Isoux, and I am very happy to welcome you on  the webpages of our Scottish and British cattery "Catlines".

Our cattery is based in Réalmont, a small town of the South of France. We are a member of the LOOF association in France, as well as of TICA on an international basis.

We are committed to raising Scottish Folds,  Scottish Straights, Highland Folds, Highland Straights, and British Shorthair cats. In particular for what regards two-colored coats with tabby designs and single color coats.

As for the Highlands, their hair doesn’t become entangled and does not require special care.

The Scottish and Highland have the abilty of conquering the hearts of people with their large expressive eyes and a very soft and silky fur. They are curvy-lined cats with, however, a muscular and compact body. They are sometimes compared, because of their large often golden eyes, to owls!

Medium-sized, the Scottish or Highland are ideal indoor cats, with a loving and gentle temperament.  They are usually very quiet cats, capable however of their occasional flits of madness  during the day: they are quite cuddly  but may also be devilishly playful. Sociable, they develop at the same time a strong loyalty to their master. Capable of real tenderness without taking out their claws, these cat will get along wonderfully with all members of the family, as well as with other animals (especially dogs).

The main purpose of our cattery is to produce beautiful pets, in good health and meeting in all respects the standards of the breed.

At our place, you can buy kittens with a very wide and varied range array of coat colors: single color (blue, lilac, black, creamy, red, chocolate), and tabby mixtures (silver, marbled, spotted, tabby). There are also coats which besides white, present "color points" and "lynx color points".

Scottish Fold

Scottish fold

cats with folded ears and a short coat

Scottish Straight

Scottish Straight

cats with straight ears and a short coat

Highland Fold

Highland Fold

cats with folded ears and a semi-long coat

Highland Straight

Highland Straight

cats with straight ears and a semi-long coat

All specimens in our cattery have a good pedigree, and regularly participate in cat shows (LOOF and TICA standards), where they often win prizes and nominations.

They are an important, if not essential, component of our family.

Our scottish kittens grow up surrounded with love and attention from the day they are born. They are fed with croquettes of Premium type, and psychically develop happy characters, being in addition quickly in contact with children. They leave our cattery at the age of three months at the earliest, socially fit, and provided with all the vaccinations they may get at their age. All our cats are PKD, FIV and FELV-tested.

Although our cattery farm producing Scottish shorthair and longhair kittens (with folded or straight ears) is located in France, we are able to propose worldwide transport. No matter where you live: in England, in Germany,in  the United States, in Japan, in China, in UK, in Australia , in Canada, in Mexico, in Hongkong ...If you buy a Scottish shorthair or longhair kitten in our cattery, we will help you find a delivery person who can despatch your kitten to you with care and precaution.

Could it be that, precisely in our cattery, you will find your plush mascot, who will be your friend for many years and who will make you feel proud ?

Cattery registered with the Chamber of Agriculture of Tarn (Occitania, South France) under reference SIRET 83999045400010

Mediateur - MEDIAVET


All our kittens are vaccinated against rabies and other viruses, parasites- free and have a veterinary certificate.

Participation to Cats Show

Our cattery takes part in cats show and our cats receive high titles.

Toys and games for kittens

Our kittens grow up among people, we play a lot with kittens so that they grew grow up as sociable cats with an excellent temper.

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