The first days

Your little kitten has just arrived home. Everything is new to him. He left  an environment which was familiar to him to join your home. Well born and brought up, he should adapt quickly to his new life ; herebelow are nevertheless a few tips that will make his first days at home easier:

Despite your legitimate excitement, you must proceed in a quiet and orderly way for the installation of your little protégé in his new home.

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Caring for your cat


The claws of your cat grow regularly and turn into unpleasant spikes, for your couch or your knees, when cuddling. To remedy this inconvenience, regularly trim the tip of the claws every two weeks with a nail clipper.

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Documents for kittens

As breeders of Scottish and Highland fold or straight cats, we will provide you all documents required for the sale. You will be sure you will be  buying a true breed Scottish kitten.

The Rural Code provides that any sale of purebred cat must be accompanied by the following documents:

  • the contract of purchase of a kitten
  • a passport with vaccinations and an electronic chip
  • a registration card
  • a veterinary certificate,
  • pedigree



All our kittens are vaccinated against rabies and other viruses, parasites- free and have a veterinary certificate.

Participation to Cats Show

Our cattery takes part in cats show and our cats receive high titles.

Toys and games for kittens

Our kittens grow up among people, we play a lot with kittens so that they grew grow up as sociable cats with an excellent temper.

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