Caring for your cat

Ears and eyes

Using a small piece of gauze or cotton soaked in a mild cleansing lotion, clean the inside of your pet's ears. You can even use hypoallergenic make-up remover wipes, gently.

The cleaning of the eyes is rather reserved to flat-faced breeds (Persian, Exotic). Again, use a gentle lotion to remove impurities that accumulate in the inner corner of the eye.


Since the cat is a pure carnivore, the remains of human meals are not recommended. It is recommended during the first weeks to ensure continuity with the food given by the breeder. High quality dry foods are today the best guarantees for the balanced development of your kitten.


The importance, frequency, and grooming techniques will depend on the length of the hair. For cats with short and flat  hair (Siamese, Abyssinian, Bengal), caresses by  your hand will be sufficient to remove dead hairs.

For short-haired cats with hair underlay (British Shorthair, Exotic, Russian, especially during moulting), weekly brushing is recommended.

For mid- to long-haired cats (Burmese, Norwegian, Maine Coon), it is important to prevent the formation of knots. Daily brushing then is essential.

Inspired from the LOOF (official French purebred cat registry) websiste


All our kittens are vaccinated against rabies and other viruses, parasites- free and have a veterinary certificate.

Participation to Cats Show

Our cattery takes part in cats show and our cats receive high titles.

Toys and games for kittens

Our kittens grow up among people, we play a lot with kittens so that they grew grow up as sociable cats with an excellent temper.

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