Vizerion Hilton

Grand Champion (TICA)

LOOF 2019CE.251

TICA SBV 040718080

Breed:  Highland straight

Sex: Male

Color: Red blotched tabby / white d 22 03

Born: 2018-04-07

Genetic test: PKD N/N

Import from Ukraine / Breeder: Petruk Veronika


2018-12-15 - Exc1: Jean-Marc Lagarde (France) – Nantes France

2018-12-16 - Exc1: Hélène Guillame - Nantes France

2019-01-19 - Exc1, Nom BIS: Daniel Counasse (Belgique) -  Revel France

2019-02-02- Exc1, Nom BIS: Andreas Krestchner ( Allemagne) – Toulouse France

  • TICA - 6 BEST LH Cat – Irène Van Belzen
  • TICA - 3 BEST LH Cat – Brigitte Berthelon

2019-02-03 -  Exc1: Heike Klein (Allemagne ) – Toulouse France

  • TICA – 9 BEST Cat – Karel J Stinson

2019 -02-16 – TICA – 8, 9 BEST Cat – Jane Allen

  •  5 BEST LH Cat – Elena Maeva


2019-03-23 – Exc1, CAC: Fabrice Calmes – Severac le Chateau France

2019- 03-24- Exc1, CAC Prix spécial, Nom BIS: Brigitte Berthelon- Severac le Chateau France

2019-04-06 – CAC: Claude Seignot- Irun Espagne

Champion International

2019-04-07- Exc1, CACIB, Nom BIS : Sylvie Lamoureux- Irun Espagne


All our kittens are vaccinated against rabies and other viruses, parasites- free and have a veterinary certificate.

Participation to Cats Show

Our cattery takes part in cats show and our cats receive high titles.

Toys and games for kittens

Our kittens grow up among people, we play a lot with kittens so that they grew grow up as sociable cats with an excellent temper.

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